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Tips for Student Renters

  • Things to Prep - Proof Income from Co-Signer

    • Tax returns

    • W-2’s

    • Pull credit

    • Parents on lease

  • Search for Property

    • Beds, baths, location, parking, rent amount, terms (m-2-m, 6m, 1y)

  • Reach out to Property Manager

    • Any Restrictions?

    • Service animal

    • Disabilities

    • Parking

    • Security

    • Ask questions that are important to you

    • What is included in rent? (utilities)

  • Set-Up a Showing

    • Security?

    • Utilities – average every month?

    • Public transportation – bus routes?

  • Apply

    • PM will give application

    • Typically a fee - $10-$50 (per applicant)

    • Review income documents and pull credit

    • Good references

      • Professors

      • School or Work Related

  • Application Accepted

    • One month rent

      • Give back at the end of lease

      • They can keep money for damages

    • Sign Lease

    • Quarterly Inspection

    • Still liable for lease throughout entire term

    • Most landlord don’t sublet

  • Tips on Being a Good Renter

    • Good Communication Landlord or Property Manager

    • Be Clean